DB0LDS - APRS & D-STAR Repeater Wildau


Location AWO-Seniorenheim Wildau
Lessingstr. 24
15745 Wildau
Sysop DL7AD, Sven
E-Mail sven.steudte@gmail.com
APRS Maintainer DL7AD, Sven
D-STAR Maintainer DO9BAU, Alex
DH7TB, Hans
Antenna position 22 m above ground
92 m above sea level
Antenna Lafayette MA1300 replaced by Diamond X-300
Type: omnidirectional, vertical polarized
Gain: 6dBi (2m), 8dBi (70cm)
D-STAR (70cm) and APRS (2m) is connected to a duplexer which is connected to the antenna.

Equipment (APRS)

Transceiver Motorola Radius M110
Power: 5 W
Frequency: 144.800 MHz
Initially built for comercial purposes, modified for amateur radio
Control Raspberry PI B
APRS4r replaced by Direwolf
Edimax 6200nL - for maintenance (without internet connection)
TNC Landolt TNC2S replaced by
Software TNC Direwolf
Power supply External HDD power supply
12V & 5V á 2A

replaced by ALAN K75 and 7805 linear voltage regulator

Block diagram

DB0LDS Block diagram


DB0LDS Antenna  DB0LDS Antenna
View in direction 360° View in direction 50°

DB0LDS APRS Controller 

DB0LDS APRS Controller  DB0LDS APRS Controller
APRS Digipeater D-STAR relay station

Photos (Installation)

DB0LDS Antenna DB0LDS Antenna  DB0LDS APRS Controller  DB0LDS APRS Controller


2012 September First considerations about an APRS Digipeater South of Berlin
2012 Dec 28th Search for suitable Location
2012 Dec 31st First meeting with house owner
2013 Jun 25th Received confirmation of callsign DB0LDS by Bundesnetzargentur
2013 Nov 19th Start to operate APRS repeater with indoor antenna
2013 Nov 30th Installing roof antenna (Diamond X-50)
2014 Sep 09th Hardware TNC and APRS4r replaced by Direwolf (TNC & Digipeater software)
2014 Dec 12nd Lafayette MA1300 replaced by Diamond X-300
2015 Feb 02nd D-STAR installed
2015 May 12nd D-STAR transmitter replaced (for more power)
Replaced Direwolf v1.0 by Direwolf v1.2 due to a PTT bug
Cable modifications
2016 Aug 08th Repaired APRS Digipeater
Fixed USB driver bug in Linux System
Replaced APRS Transceiver


Regulary active APRS Digipeaters in Berlin and Brandenburg last update 2015 May 16th

Digipeater Configuration Position Sysop Antenna Operation Notes
Path Igating * Latitude Longitude Locator Type Gain Height above Power
sea level ground
DB0LDS WIDEn-n No N52° 18.99' E013° 37.19' JO62TH DL7AD Diamond X-300 6.0 dBi 92 m 22 m 5 W PEP 24/7
DB0BAR WIDEn-n No N52° 38.31' E013° 36.62' JO62TP DL8RO Kathrein Dipol 2.15 dBi 180 m 100 m 6 W PEP 24/7
DB0AJW WIDEn-n No N52° 30.53' E013° 16.49' JO62PM DH7VK CX901 68m 4 W PEP 24/7
DB0FUZ WIDEn-n No N52° 26.14' E013° 35.20' JO62TK DL7UAZ Groundplane 5/8 5 W PEP 24/7
DM0DM WIDE1-1 No N52° 30.77' E013° 26.28' JO62RM DL8RO Diamond X-50 4.5 dBi 126 m 70 m 8 W PEP 24/7
DM1RG-10 - Yes N52° 33.78' E013° 19.70' JO62PN DM1RG 48 m 12 m no TX 24/7
DB0ZEH WIDEn-n Yes N52° 57.37' E013° 15.91' JO62PW DL2RUD 96 m 8 m 5 W PEP 24/7
DB0BLO-15 WIDE1-1 No N52° 32.06' E013° 29.09' JO62RM DL8RO Diamond X-300 6.5 dBi 132 m 75 m 1 W PEP 24/7
DB0LUC WIDEn-n No N51° 47.34' E013° 38.33' JO61TS DL8UEF 24/7
DB0SPN WIDEn-n No N51° 43.22' E014° 20.52' JO71ER DM6MH 24/7
DB0PRZ WIDEn-n No N52° 59.75' E013° 54.79' JO62WX DL8RO Kathrein Lambda/4 2.15 dBi 208 m 70 m 6 W PEP 24/7

New Digipeaters came online in 2015

DB0LOS WIDEn-n No N52° 19.28' E014° 02.26' JO72AH DG6IBT 2x Kathrein - 2el Yagi East/West 218 m 65 m 6 W PEP 24/7
DB0PER WIDEn-n No N53° 04.44' E011° 51.04' JO53WB DL3TO 24/7
DB0FFO WIDEn-n No N52° 07.14' E014° 34.10' JO72GC DL8RO Kathrein K 51262 2.15 dBi 217 m 70 m 6 W PEP 24/7
DB0TFL WIDE1-1 No N52° 02.37' E013° 29.40' JO62RA DH6TF 24/7
DB0WBE WIDEn-n No N51° 29.37' E013° 30.58' JO61SL DK8IOF 24/7
DL2BWO-13 - Yes N52° 40.47' E013° 32.85' JO62SQ DL2BWO 24/7
DM2JUF-13 - Yes N52° 40.38' E013° 34.54' JO62SQ DM2JUF 24/7

Not active anymore (QRT)

DO5JK-15 WIDE1-1 Yes N52° 21.52' E013° 33.40' JO62SI DO5JK

* Digipeater igates data to the internet

APRS coverage in Berlin last update 2013 Nov 21st

APRS coverage Berlin Brandenburg